💍Jewellery Guide

Standard Base Jewellery Sets are available in your Inventory when reaching Level 60.


Farming Magical Keys in Venux

When adventuring in Venux, players have the option to farm two types of powerful magical keys:

  • Powerful Magical Key of Monsters (DMG)

  • Powerful Magical Key of Blessing (HP)

To initiate the quest, engage with the Kablloc NPC for trades. However, exercise caution as Venux is a PVP (Player vs. Player) zone, posing a risk of death. Upon death, farmed quest items are lost, unless a protective measure is taken.

Protective Measures:

  • Venux Charm: This charm safeguards your farmed quest items upon death. It can be acquired from other players or purchased at Wafor in Flaris for 25 ECP.

  • A Venux Charm variant from the Vote Shop offers 50% protection of the farmed quest items upon death.

Upgrading Keys:

  • In Venux, players can also farm for the first upgrade of these powerful keys.

  • Recipes for the upgrades can be obtained from Kablloc.

  • For later upgrades, seek the Blessed Variant of your key. These can be either purchased from other players or occasionally found in **Lucky Box of Blessed Key Recipe Treasures

First Set of Jewellery

After Reaching Platinum 40, you will receive an Shiny Platinum Accessorie Set, which is required to Upgrade it into an Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire or Ruby Set with some other Farmable Items.

To acquire your initial set of jewelry, you can exchange recipes at Peach and then either farm or purchase the necessary runes. Use Ruby for Strength (STR), Sapphire for Intelligence (INT), Topaz for Stamina (STA), or Emerald for Dexterity (DEX).

Aura Jewellery

Dungeons: Mystic Valley (emerald), Underwater World (sapphire), Crystal Cave (topaz), Dark Forest (ruby)

You’ll want to upgrade your first set of jewellery (Emerald, Ruby and so on) to their aura variant (e.g. Aura Emerald). You do this by farming dungeons in Aurania. You can then exchange the materials needed at Dungeon Exchanger Lucy in Aurania.

Soulreaver Jewellery

Dungeon: Deep Temple

You’ll want to get yourself a second set of Aura jewellery as two sets of aura rings and earrings are needed to upgrade to the soulreaver variant. Materials needed for the upgrade can be farmed in the Deep Temple dungeon. Check out Xynthia, the NPC in front of the dungeon to check which materials are needed.

Royal Jewellery

Dungeon: Pirate Cave

In order to create royal jewellery you will need one soulreaver jewellery set completely upgraded to +10 and 20 of the royal crests needed for your chosen class. The upgrade materials for the soulreaver jewellery can be farmed in Deep Temple, whereas the crests are farmed in the Pirate Cave dungeon.

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