ðŸŒīEntropia Oasis

The best place to farm penya, entropia chips and seed's!

The Entropia Oasis is a ticket map that can be obtained from the Vote Shop. A 7-day ticket for this map costs 10,000 Vote Points. This map boasts a higher monster spawn rate, making it an excellent spot for farming more Penya/Perins, Entropia Chips, and Seeds!

For the most effective farming experience, it is recommended to use an Arcanist or Mentalist with relatively inexpensive equipment as they can execute 1-hit AoE attacks. Additionally, the map features a boss that drops exclusive items.

Note: You receive 100% more penya with physical attacks. So 1v1 Classes are also able to farm.

We have created a table with all the power-ups in the game for all players. You can find it at the following url: Click Here to see the table! All Items which Buff the Penya effect are also listed there!

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