Bonus Slot Recovery Card

The Bonus Slot Recovery Card is an essential tool for players looking to maximize the potential of their equipment in the game. This card offers a solution for when you've exhausted all the reroll attempts on your weapon or equipment, allowing you to restore these attempts and further refine your gear's stats. Here's a detailed look at how the Bonus Slot Recovery Card works and how to use it effectively.


In the game, weapons and equipment come with a limited number of rerolls that allow players to optimize the stats of their items. Once these rerolls are used up, the item's current stats become permanent unless a Bonus Slot Recovery Card is used. This card resets the reroll count, giving you additional opportunities to achieve the desired stats on your black or Soulreaver weapons/equipment.

Key Features

  • Reroll Restoration: Restores the reroll attempts of an item back to its maximum capacity (e.g., 0 out of 5 rerolls to 5 out of 5).

  • Multiple Uses: Can be used multiple times on the same item, offering continuous opportunities for stat optimization.

  • Flexibility: Provides players with the flexibility to continuously adjust and optimize their equipment's stats as their strategy or needs change.

How to Use the Bonus Slot Recovery Card

  1. Identify the Item: Select the black or Soulreaver weapon/equipment that has exhausted all its reroll attempts and needs restoration.

  2. Activate the Card: Use the Bonus Slot Recovery Card by double-clicking on it in your inventory. Then, select the item you wish to restore rerolls to.

  3. Confirm the Restoration: After selecting the item, confirm the action to restore its reroll attempts. The item will then be reset to its maximum number of reroll attempts, allowing you to reroll its stats again.

Important Considerations

  • Strategic Use: Consider using the Bonus Slot Recovery Card when you're certain that further optimization of your item's stats could significantly impact your gameplay. It's especially useful for high-value or endgame equipment where optimal stats are crucial.

  • Resource Management: While the card offers the flexibility to reroll stats multiple times, be mindful of your resources. Each reroll is a chance to improve your item, but it also requires careful consideration to ensure you're moving towards your desired stat outcome.

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