Auto Shout

This particular feature offers an efficient and time-saving way to enhance trading interactions between players. By automating your shouts, you can easily communicate your offerings or requests to other players without manually typing out your message each time.
To activate the feature, all you need to do is type your desired shout in the chat box and then drag and drop it into the designated Auto Shout window. This window serves as a central location for all your automated shout messages, and you can add or delete shout messages at your convenience.
Once activated, the Auto Shout system will automatically repeat your selected shout message at regular intervals, providing a consistent and convenient method for trading. This feature is especially useful for those who frequently participate in player-to-player trading or wish to quickly and easily communicate their needs to other players.
To access the Auto Shout feature, navigate to Start > Shop > Auto Shout.
Please note that the Auto Shout function is paused after a server restart, so be sure to activate it again upon logging in.