My game does not launch

If you are experiencing a texture or different error when using the current version of Entropia and do not have the required file in your client, you can try the following steps to fix the issue:

  1. Download and fully unpack the game again.

  2. Install the necessary graphics drivers, specifically DirectX 9.0c, which can be found in the Entropia\DirectX folder. To do this, locate the DXSETUP.exe file and run it. or Download it here: ā€¢ DirectX (9.0c) End-User Runtimes (June 2010): Microsoft Download

  3. If the error persists, it is possible that your antivirus is blocking certain functions of the game due to our use of the "VMProtect" (VMProtect is a software protection system designed to protect applications and libraries from reverse engineering, tampering, and cracking). To fix this, add an exception for the Entropia folder or specifically for the neuz.exe files in the Entropia\bin32 and Entropia\bin64 directories in your antivirus settings.

It can be that you need to restart your Computer after that, because it can be buggy with some antivirus programs, that they still block them, even after you excluded the files in your Antivirus. Guides to add exceptions: ā€¢ Windows-Defender: ā€¢ Avira: ā€¢ Avast: ā€¢ Bitdefender: ā€¢ McAfee: Make an Exception for: Entropia (Whole Folder) Entropia\Launcher.exe Entropia\Updater.exe Entropia\bin32\Neuz.exe Entropia\bin64\Neuz.exe It can be that you need to restart your Computer after that. It may also be helpful to re-download the game, not launch it yet, and first add the exceptions in your antivirus software. After doing so, perform a computer restart before launching the game. If these steps do not resolve the issue, you may want to try other troubleshooting methods or seek additional assistance. Have you installed the required C++ Runtimes? Visual C++ Redistributable Packages 2015 / 2017 Visual C++ Redistributable Packages are libraries that contain code and resources that are used by Visual C++ programs. They are required to run applications that have been developed using Visual C++ and link dynamically to Visual C++ libraries. They can also be found in the Entropia/Drivers folder or on the official Microsoft Site.

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