Aurania is one of our custom content zones with daily quests. You can see and auto-accept every quest of this continent with the blackboard, which is just a few steps apart from the spawn. Every quest is visible in your quest tab (Q). The quests of Aurania contain normal monster quests, collection quests, boss Aurania is a zone that offers daily quests as part of our custom content.

In Aurania, players can farm everything they need to upgrade their weapons to Black Shiny and upgrade their Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, and Topaz Jewelry to Aura Jewelry. It's important to note that to successfully complete the quests in Aurania, players need to have a team with equipped Shiny characters. Additionally, players must have a minimum of 900,000 HP and a strong base damage, which can be achieved with Shiny equipment.

For beginners, we recommend a tank class and a 1o1 class for bosses. Completing quests in Aurania provides many benefits, including the opportunity to obtain EXP for players above Platinum 50. The quests in Aurania are an excellent way to upgrade your equipment and advance your character's level, so be sure to take advantage of them every dailyquests and some Dungeon quests. Here you can farm everything to upgrade your Weapon to Black Shiny and the Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald and Topaz Jewelry to Aura Jewelry! If you are over Platinum 50, you will receive EXP for completing the quests.

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