Pirate Cave

  • First Place: 2x Gold Worm (Bait), 7x Dread Treasure, 2x Cove Loot Orb (Omega Royal)

  • Second Place: 1x Gold Worm (Bait), 5x Dread Treasure, 1x Cove Loot Orb (Omega Royal)

  • Third Place: 1x Fly (Bait), 3x Dread Treasure, 3x Cove Treasure

You can check what specific items will bring you in the game by accessing the Item Wiki, which can be opened with CTRL + Z. There, by reading the item descriptions and checking the box content with CTRL + right-click, you can verify if a dungeon rewards you with items in a box/treasure.

Additionally, it's possible to check the rewards in the Dungeon Ranking window by opening it via Start -> Features -> Dungeon Ranking, selecting the dungeon, and paying attention to the top 3 rankings. Here, you will see the items along with their information when you hover your mouse over the item.

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