Abyssal Cove

Abyssal Cove is one of the two Shiny Dungeons, and it requires you to have 800.000 HP and a solid base damage, which you can achieve with a Kalgas Set. In this dungeon, you can obtain your first set of Shiny Equipment and also earn coins that you can use to purchase items from the NPC outside the dungeon to upgrade your equipment.

The Shiny Equipment obtained from Abyssal Cove can be merged with other equipment to create more powerful items. Additionally, the coins earned from this dungeon can be used to purchase valuable items such as upgrade stones and potions.

To succeed in Abyssal Cove, you will need to work as a team and have a strategy in place. The monsters in this dungeon can be tough, but with the right equipment and skills, you can overcome the challenges and reap the rewards.

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