Destruction Cavern

The Destruction Cavern is the toughest dungeon on the server, located on the Cardia Map, and accessible only to players with Royal Level 10. It is known for dropping a plethora of items, mainly Royal Equipment and upgrade items.

The dungeon consists of eight minibosses and a final boss, each requiring up to 5.3 million HP to defeat. Due to the intense level of difficulty, players need a strong tank, preferably one with damage absorb capabilities since the damage dealt is extremely high and must be healed. Hybrid tanks are not recommended, as Suckblood is capped at 5%. Unless they are significantly well-equipped, they might not be strong enough to handle the dungeon's challenges.

In addition to a sturdy tank, high damage output is also crucial. A minimum requirement for players is to have a perfect SR EQ, but Royal Darkness Equipment is highly recommended for best results. This equipment provides players with the highest damage output and increases their chances of survival in the dungeon.

Overall, the Destruction Cavern presents a unique and challenging experience for players who are looking for a test of their skills and equipment. However, it is not for the faint-hearted, and players must prepare adequately before attempting to enter the dungeon.

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