I farmed some Entropia Chip Perin, what now?

After gathering some Entropia Chip Perin (ECP), you might be wondering what to do next. Here's a guide:

  1. Head over to Flaris and visit the Entropia Chip Merchant named Wafor.

  2. Use your accumulated ECP to purchase the following items:

    • Vengeful Dragon Set

    • Glorious Dragon Cloak

    • Terminator Sunglasses (White) or Wing Mask

  3. Both the Vengeful Dragon Set and the Glorious Dragon Cloak are necessary for upgrading to their "Black" versions. You can find the recipes for this upgrade in Eden.

  4. If you've collected a sufficient amount of ECP, consider buying a Shiny Entropia Weapon from the Weapon Trader known as Charly.

  5. This weapon will be crucial for future upgrades, particularly for upgrading it to the Black Shiny Entropia Weapon using the Merge System.

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