Playerside Black Market

The Player-side Black Market offers a direct, player-driven platform for selling and bidding on items within the game. This feature empowers players with the ability to manage their sales, set prices, and engage in the game's economy on a personal level. Here's everything you need to know to effectively use the Player-side Black Market.

Listing Items for Sale

  1. Adding Items: To list an item for sale, simply drag and drop the item into the designated Black Market window. This intuitive interface makes it easy to manage which items you want to sell.

  2. Setting the Price: When listing an item, you'll specify the type of currency you wish to receive (e.g., Perin, ECP, or specific items like Black Market Coupons) and the minimum amount you are willing to accept. This flexibility allows sellers to tailor their sales strategy according to the current market dynamics and their personal goals.

  3. Activation Fee: To activate your listing on the Player-side Black Market, a small fee in Perin is required. This fee is a minor investment that enables access to the market's wide audience of potential buyers.

Bidding and Sales Process

  • Bidding Rules: The bidding process on the Player-side Black Market follows the same rules as the Server-side Black Market. Bidders must offer at least 10% more than the previous bid to participate, ensuring a fair and competitive environment for both buyers and sellers.

  • Successful Sales: Once a bid meets or exceeds your minimum set price, and the bidding time expires, the sale is completed. The currency or items bid by the buyer are transferred to you, and the sold item is transferred to the buyer's inventory.

  • Unsuccessful Listings: If no bids are received by the time the listing period ends, the item is automatically returned to your inventory. This system ensures that you retain possession of your items in the absence of a successful sale, allowing you to relist the item at a later time or adjust your pricing strategy.

Tips for Effective Selling on the Player-side Black Market

  • Market Research: Before listing an item, conduct some research on current market prices and demand. This insight can help you set a competitive and realistic starting price for your items.

  • Clear Inventory Space: Ensure you have enough space in your inventory before the sale concludes. This preparation prevents any issues with receiving the payment or returning the item if the sale is not successful.

  • Strategic Pricing: Consider starting with a slightly lower minimum bid to attract more bidders. A competitive starting price can lead to a bidding war, potentially resulting in a higher final sale price.

  • Stay Active: Keep an eye on your listings and the market activity. Being responsive and adjusting your sales strategy based on market trends can increase your success rate on the Player-side Black Market.


The Player-side Black Market is a dynamic and user-friendly platform that enhances the trading experience by putting the power directly in the hands of the players. By understanding how to effectively list, price, and manage your sales, you can maximize your profits and participate actively in the game's economy. Whether you're a seasoned trader or new to the market, the Player-side Black Market offers valuable opportunities to engage with the community and achieve your trading objectives.

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