Self Sustain Tank Guide

Here's an example of a Self Sustain Tank that can be tailored to your specific preferences. The key is to reach the recommended amount of health, then focus on increasing damage output and equipping your weapon with 2-3 Suck Blood Diamonds.

For this example, we'll be using a Templar as the tank. It's important to prioritize attributes that increase stamina to withstand more damage. Strength is also important to draw the enemy's attention and deal damage when necessary.

Weapons: Fused Black Big Sword with:

  • Stamina Bonus as high as possible

  • 10 Stamina 22+ Awake Lines

  • 20 Land R Cards

  • 2x STA 12+ Diamonds

  • 3 Suckblood 12+ Diamonds

Behemoth's Shield with:

  • 10 Land R Cards

  • 5 Stamina 22+ Awake Lines

Armor: Full Black Gear +20 with:

  • Stamina Bonus Helmet with 5x Stamina 22+ Awake Lines+

  • Stamina Bonus Suit with 5x Stamina 19+ Awake Lines+

  • HP% Bonus Gauntlets

  • Critical Damage Bonus Boots with 5 Critical Damage Awake Lines

  • 4x Volcano 15% Cards


  • Aura Ruby Jewelry with 2% PvE Awakes

  • Blessed Magical Key of Blessing

  • Ultimate Fairy

  • Ultimate Cloak and Mask

  • Ancient Glyph

  • Ancient Balloon

  • Ancient Power-Up

  • Gaia Fashion with 3x 10 STA Awake Lines


  • P50 Pet with 5x 22+ Stamina Awake Lines

  • 25% PvE Pet with HP and Damage Beads

Note: With this equipment your are easily able to tank black and soulreaver dungeons. Guide by @Hamza

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