🏆Daily Challenge

The Daily Challenge System is an engaging feature designed to enrich the player experience on our server through small-scale PvE activities. This system encourages daily participation by offering rewards for defeating specific monsters, which are selected randomly each day. Here's a comprehensive guide to understanding and making the most out of the Daily Challenge System.

Accessing Daily Challenges

To participate in Daily Challenges, players can easily access the challenge interface by pressing "CTRL+Q" on their keyboard. This shortcut opens up the Daily Challenge menu, where players can view the day's specific monster targets and the rewards on offer for completing the challenge.

Completing Daily Challenges

Each day, the system randomly selects a set of monsters that players are tasked with defeating. These challenges are designed to be achievable within a day, providing a quick and enjoyable activity for players of all levels. Upon successfully completing a Daily Challenge, players are rewarded for their efforts, encouraging daily engagement with the game.


Strategy Tips

  • Regular Participation: Engage with the Daily Challenge System every day to maximize your reward potential. Even if you're short on time, completing the challenge can contribute significantly to your weekly reward.

  • Plan Your Approach: Upon reviewing the day's challenge, plan your approach based on the monsters' locations and any specific requirements to defeat them. Efficient planning can save time and resources.

  • Team Up: Some challenges may be more efficiently completed with friends or guild members. Teaming up can make defeating tougher monsters more manageable and more fun.

  • Utilize Rewards: The rewards from Daily Challenges, especially the Expedition Treasure, can offer valuable items that enhance your gameplay. Make sure to use these rewards to your advantage, whether for immediate gains or strategic investments.

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