How do I Merge a Black Shiny Equipment?

All you need is a Scroll of Armor Merge, a Shiny Part and a Destroyed Black Shiny Equipment Part that you want to be Merged.

You can Exchange the Scroll of Armor Merge from [Kebaria Exchange] Maria or buy it from Players for Perins,

Destroyed Black Shiny Parts can be obtained in Magma Cave of Kebaria.

Note: The awakening will be deleted if you do not use Scroll of Armor Merge (Special).

With your items in the bag this is how you get the Equipment merged!

  1. Left Side is your Shiny Part.

  2. Right Side is your Destroyed Black Shiny Part.

  3. Click on Okay.

If you no longer like your Black Boni you can Re-Roll it 5 Times for a new Bonus Stat!

Note: There will be no refund!

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