Ethral Garden

The Ethral Garden is the weapon dungeon in the Soulreaver content and is noticeably shorter than Trigrem Ruins, but also slightly more difficult. To enter this dungeon, you must have 3.700.000 HP and a strong damage output.

Similar to Trigrem Ruins, having a character with AoE damage is desirable, as well as a tank with Suck Blood and a strong 1v1 damage dealer. The end boss in this dungeon drops Soulreaver Relics, which can be exchanged for a weapon box in Ethral. With a bit of luck, you can obtain a powerful weapon from the box.

In addition to the Relics, you can also obtain items that can be used to enhance your future weapons. These items can be used to increase the stats of your weapons or add additional effects to them.

You can see the map of Ethral Garden here.

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